For the first time "Watinwile" was mentioned in the center 13. Century. As the name seems to say ("Weiler des Watto") could this place be founded in the 8th or 9th century as a small alemannic settlement at Ölegraben (Oil Ditch).

The municipality with 2750 inhabitants forms the southern termination of the Guerbetals. The community area distributes itself on the three districts "Dorf", "Mettlen" and "Grundbach". The flat area in the lower valley forms a certain contrast to the local part Rain (Grundbach).
Grundbach, with its singular increased position is a popular target for recovery and excursions. In the summer and winter the Burgerwald (community forest) with its enormous dimensions invites to extensive walks in the Gurnigel area.

As usually fog-free sun terrace Grundbach offers a great view on the Thunersee area and on the Bernese alps. Also the river Guerbe offers an interesting scenery for walking tours from the source area to the lower course.

Wattenwil is situated to the "jacobs-Way" the earlier way of the Pilgrims between northeast Europa und Santiago de Compostella.